2B Control Panels Design

Jan 2019
Mar 2021

These 2B control panels (CPs) allow operation staff and engineers to carry out daily updates and maintenance of products. I was responsible for interactive design and UI design in the team. I worked closely with PM and programmers to design and craft suitable alternative components for the CPs design. The CPs that were going to build include but not limited to (1) Organization and Authorisation CP, (2) Dashboard for the data team, (3) Remote Config CP, (4) Communication System CP.

My Roles
User Research
Visual design
Tools used
Rapid prototyping
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My Responsibilites

The Challenge

  1. Practicality
    CP is different from a product or a service. It should be considered as a tool to function and facilitate throughout the operational processes. Operation staff is the User. Usability, accuracy, and efficiency weigh more than visuals and simplicity.
  2. User Education
    CP requires a high level of manual manipulation. CP also may suggest a new way of processing which could conflict with the traditional doings. Designing and building CPs may therefore involve changing users' habits, which could cause users' dissatisfaction due to the reluctance to change. It is important not only to persuade and show how they can be benefited from leveraging these tools but also to explain how these tools improve or rectify the business processes which in turn help achieve business goals.
  3. Sandbox testing
    CPs play an essential part in our daily operations within departments. Any mistakes with the CP could cause serious loss. Sandbox test cases need to be designed carefully in order to simulate the actual user scenario as much as possible in order to reduce the possible risk of implementation to the minimal.

The Solution

Learning and Takeaways

Design Goal

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Visual Design

Dashboard Design

Control Panel Design