Kowloon Walled City Reforge Project

Oct 2017
Jun 2021

Built using an extensive collection of photographs and architectural plans, as well as new information provided by former residents, the game shall give an accurate and in-depth look into the everyday lives of the residents of the Kowloon Walled City.

My Roles
Graphic Design
Tools used
Clip Studio Paint
Rapid prototyping
User Research
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My Responsibilites

The Challenge

Materials Collection & Verifications

Contradictions are often found among Walled City relevant materials, therefore, creditable sources such as the former residents who used to live in the Walled City and the old newsletter are needed to eliminate wrong information.

The Solution

Learning and Takeaways

Comments and feedback were collected in every exhibitions. All feedback and comments were later consolidated into an issue list and prioritized in versions.

Design Goal

  1. To present the rich history and authentic culture of Hong Kong and the Kowloon Walled City that the video game medium has overlooked before
  2. To provide alternative kind of documentation of Walled City's oral history and local culture for the new generation
  3. To bring nostalgia - to provoke resonance about the old times among players

Site Map

User Journey Map


User Flow Diagrams


Design Style Guide

Visual Design

Realistic Art Style

  1. Game Art with reference to real photos;
  2. 3D assets scale and texture with reference to the corresponding real ones;
  3. In-game real-time lighting


Ineffective Debugging

Check-point should be set up for making direct pass for tester to dive right in to the testing point. With the absence of check-point in the program structure, our tester always needed to go through the complete the level before reaching the testing point. A large proportion of the test time was spent on the previous levels rather than the newly built ones.

Premature Media Exposure

The game should not be promoted on social media platform at such an early stage. The attention garnered by the media also took up an amount of time to answer enquiries, participate in interview and update newsfeed for audience retaining, which could be fully spent on development.