Universal search

Mar 2020
Mar 2021

Universal Search allows accurate and efficient search for users to dive into the content which they are really into. Main functions include keyword suggestions and search history records. Search results will be categorized for direct and easy targeting. Meanwhile, code buried points are implemented in order to recommend content precisely. This project aims to retain and attract users with smart content search/ recommendation and hence, create more chances for business.

My Roles
User Research
Visual design
Tools used
Rapid prototyping
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My Responsibilites

The Challenge

The Solution

Learning and Takeaways

Design Goal

  1. Extendable
    Layout and information hierarchy need to prepare for the growing types and amount of content. 
  2. Low Learning Curve
    Easy to adapt and browse to decipher the WANTED content
  3. Intelligent for Aggregated Content
    Push the WANTED content (Big Data)

Site Map

User Journey Map

There are two kinds of search action:

  1. Users know clearly what they are searching for - Help them get result efficiently
  2. Users don't have a clear idea of what to search - provide more topics what user interested in


Card Design idea

User Flow Diagrams

User Flow for App

User Flow for Web


Design Style Guide

Visual Design

Key Screens for Universal Search on App

Key Screens for Universal Search on Web